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What the Bible says about Angels!

whyangels?com answers angelic questions from a Christian perspective; what the Bible says about angels and what God's holy servants are truly all about!

The site answers the questions: What Are Angels?, What Do Angels Look Like? and What Do Angels Do?

It also tells you about angels in the Bible such as Archangels and the angels Michael & Gabriel, and other angelic being such as the Seraphim (or Seraphs), Cherubim (or Cherubs) & The Four Living Creatures.

The site also covers the angels that rebelled against God and now oppose Him; Satan/Lucifer/The Devil & and his followers Demons/Evil Spirits/Unclean Spirits.

The site uses many quotes from the Bible, the best source there is for learning about angels! Use the little book icons to view/toggle the quotes (or you can view/toggle all quotes for a page using the option on the left).

I hope both Christians and non-Christians will find the site interesting and useful. If you've got any questions about angels having read the site, please contact me or see the further reading page for more Christian resources on angels.

Download a summary of what Angels are all about according to the Bible (pdf 85kb).